Brooklands reunions, and now a Goodwood reunion. This was organised by the 13.A.R.C. to celebrate the first race meeting at this now, alas, defunct venue, which took place on 18-9-48. Ex-Goodwood officials, from John Morgan downwards, ex-competitors, some 27 of whom drove at this initial meeting, two ex-spectators and the Press, represented apparently solely by MoTott SPORT, gathered at the circuit, which is still in excellent condition, drove round it (at ” touring ” speeds) and then went to the ” Richmond Arms ” to sign-on and imbibe. Some exotic cars attended, but the best reception was accorded to two H.R.G.s, brought by Monica Whincop and Charles Meisl. (Jo Lowrey, who was present, overturned an H.R.G. at what was afterwards called Woodcote Corner in the 1948 race meeting.) Lord Strathcarron flew in, and 19 people sent goodwill messages, although unable to attend, including His Grace the Duke of Richmond and Gordon, and Stirling Moss who won the F.3 race at Goodwood’s opening mecting.—W. B.

V.E.V. Afterthought.—We now learn that there is another 12/20 Calthorpe in the country apart from the one referred to last month. This car has detachable caps over the valves but no ” water dome,” so this is yet another version of the 12420 with what Was presumably an interim design of engine.

The interest aroused by reference to the ” American Invasion ” reminds us that a copy passed through our hands briefly in about 1948, when its authorship was ascribed to Lord Perry of the Ford organisation.