Vauxhall Register

The 30/98 Vauxhall Register has issued a most Interesting list of these cars which belong to members in the UK, New Zealand, Africa, Canada and Argentina and is working on those in Australia and America. The data sorts out how these cars have changed hands in recent times and which are original and which modified and in what respects. It is nice to learn that 83 of these Vauxhalls exist in the UK alone, made up of one 1919, six 1920, five 1921, eleven 1922, nine 1923, twenty-one 1924, nineteen 1925, five 1926 and six 1927 cars, plus a couple of specials and the Vauxhall Villiers. It is well known that the need for better braking was felt with these cars and Bentley, Delage, Hispano-Suiza, Lagon-Lagonda, Voisin, Fisher (search me), and Star (unmentioned) front axles are known to have been substituted for the originals. Many of the cars listed have hydraulic brakes, but in some cases these are original OE brakes.

Having compiled this excellent list, the Registrar now wants to learn about lost 30/985, both those known to have been broken-up and any not yet on the Register. Anyone who can supply such information, especially engine and chassis numbers, and one suspects he would be inteeested in general 30/98 information, is asked to contact him - David Marsh, Brookhay Cottage, Fradley, Near Lichfield, Staffs. - W.B.