The Monotrace


Was the Monotrace, as featured in the V-E-V section of your August issue, really of French origin? I think you will find that it was originated by the German gun-making firm of Mauser, and it was certainly exhibited at the 1926 Berlin Show as the Mauser Einspurauto (which I think translates as "single-track car"). According to Erwin Tragatsch's "The 'World's Motorcycles", Mauser made it from 1922 to 1927. It had a pressed-steel chassis not unlike that of the Ner-a-Car, with a water-cooled engine (capacity not known) lying under the rear seat with the single cylinder facing forward. Very long hoses connected the engine to the radiator on the nose of the machine. In the Wilsey version, the mudguard over the outrigger wheels was more substantial than that shown on the Monotrace, but in all other respects the Einspurauto, of which I have a photograph, was identical to the Monotrace Type Luxe.

Sutton R. F. CURRIE

Midland Editor Motor Cycle