Your short piece on the Monotrace was of great interest to me, as I remember having a machine very similar to this at the beginning of the last war in Plymouth.

This machine was in a motorcycle dealers near Mumford's Garage at an asking price of some £20. Alas, I had not got wealth of this size; about £10 was the maximum I could raise. It was destroyed in the Blitz.

There was one great difference between your picture and my memory of the Plymouth machine, namely to do with the side wheels. On the Plymouth machine they were not visible but; if I remember correctly, were more like castors which were lowered by a big lever from inside the body of the vehicles. The engine was a two-stroke and looked like a Villiers.

I wonder if anybody else can remember the name of the dealer (the shop was destroyed), or cast any light on this machine?

Bickerton W. N. PETO

[It sounds as if this was an AV Roe monoplau.—Ed.]