A Meccano Morgan


I was most interested to read your comments in the April issue of Motor Sport regarding models built in Meccano.

Although I don't think it is quite what you had in mind, I have enclosed details of a Morgan that I have recently built. The only non-Meccano parts are the curved parts of the exhaust pipes. The valves are actuated by rockers and pushrods by an electric motor which also drives the rear wheel via a clutch and two-speed chain drive.

Model building in Meccano is probably as popular as it ever was and includes all age groups.

I think the steering-pivots to which you refer were from a construction kit called "Prestacon" which was popular in the early 'fifties and was similar to the "Junero" system which was advertised in pre-War Meccano Magazines.

Meccano of course is not my only interest in your magazine. I have been a keen reader of Motor Sport since 1950 and wish to say how much pleasure it has provided over the last 26 years.

Northampton T. A. T. PETTITT