Sleep-walking from the 8.10 a.m. commuter train to St. Pancras to the self-service cafeteria for a reviving cup of coffee, I collided with a fellow commuter around whom the coffee queue flowed unnoticed while he read Motor Sport. We both apologised, and I said "I quite understand. I'm married to someone like you, and he's deaf, dumb and blind to anything other than an atomic explosion for an hour after Motor Sport arrives".

The queue Moved on and I collected my coffee, but when I tried to pay for it, the cashier said "Oh, that's already been taken care of by that gentleman over there". Whereat the Motor Sport reader rose to his feet, gave me a cheerful wave and said "Tell your husband—compliments of one Motor Sport reader to another".

It made my day—and my husband's, when told him—and I thought it might make yours to know that the camaraderie of your readers is not confined to swopping MGJ2 water manifold clips.