Alfasud Paintwork Alfa Reply


I am replying as requested to your comments and those of Mr. Chapman of Huntingdon, whose letter you published in your September issue, regarding paintwork complaints on Alfasuds.

In common with all motor manufacturers, Alfa Romeo have, from time to time, had problems with cars, and being appreciative of the distress to owners, we have always given sympathetic treatment to each case according to its merits. However I would like to point out that in the case of Mr. Chapman, neither Alfa Romeo (GB) Ltd., nor any Alfa Romeo dealer was given the opportunity of seeing the car prior to Mr. Chapman having the fault rectified.

Our first indication of the problem was when a request for financial reimbursement was received, and as you will appreciate no business organisation wishes to pay bills, even small ones, for work carried out without their knowledge.

With regard to your Company cars, the same system applies, you should approach the Alfa Romeo dealer who is servicing the vehicles with your complaint, or contact Alfa Romeo (GB) Ltd direct, as unless an approach is made, we have no knowledge of the problems and obviously cannot take action.

At this point, I would like to add that it is through customer complaints that we are able to assess manufacturing methods and improve them where necessary.

These improvements are constantly being made and cars manufactured today have had the problems of yesterday corrected.

London, NW2 N., Barrington Needham – Alfa Romeo (Great Britain) Ltd.