Two highly tuned deliveries.

Here they are. The new racing team from Datapost, the overnight delivery service. The drivers are no strangers – Longman and Curnow, both champions in their own right, now driving new Ford Fiestas. Altogether, a highly tuned team to look out for this year.

And a team that reflects the qualities which have made Datapost famous – speed and reliability. A delivery service for spares that is equally highly tuned to meet the demands of all our customers. Like pick-up at an agreed time. Like the “On-demand” facility for those unexpected items. Like overnight assured delivery to the right address.

A great service if you deal within the U.K. A great service if you deal worldwide. Because International Datapost will deliver your business papers (often and samples as well) to 16 countries throughout the world.

If you feel your deliveries could do a bit of fine tuning, here’s the answer – contact Datapost on 01-432 1919/1920 fill in the coupon.