"The Air Defence of Britain — 1914-1918"

"The Air Defence of Britain — 1914-1918" by Christopher Cole & E. F. Cheesman. 486 pp 83/4 in x 51/2 in The Bodl, Head, 9, Bow Street, Covent Garden, London, WC2E 7.41... £25.00)

Having recently reviewed a mainly pictorial book about the Zeppelin raids on this country, now comes this work on the same sublect. Except that this history is about all such raids on Britain during W \X'1, by German aeroplanes as well as by airships. It goes into great detail, is well illustrated, and I found it absolutely fascinating. particularly the chronological accounts of individual raids and how successfully or or otherwise these were repelled. The large numbers of RFC and RNAS machines sent up is remarkable, as are the many calannties they suffered. The painstaking research is thoroughly commendable and for those avid for WWI history the book is strongly recommended. From it I was able to learn that the plinth-mounted Bosch ZH6 six-cylinder magneto in my possesion came from a Gotha bomber shot down at Margate on August 22nd, 1917. souvenirs from

which were sold for war charities, and I hear that one of our readers has a piece of framework from the L-32 Zeppelin shot down at Billericay on September 24th, 1916. This outstanding book puts such long-past happenings into new perspective. — W.B.

Cobras seem to be in the news of late, due to the advent of replicas of these original fierce AC Carroll Shelby sports cars. If you want the best pictorial coverage of all, about these venomous beasts. try Haynes' "Cobra" by Trevor Legate, 256 large pages packed with pictures and data, the latter including repros of contemporary road-test reports, though none 1 note from MOTOR SPORT — but then we always were exclusive! The chapters on individual Cobra histories, the replicas and the post-Shelby cars arc especially interesting. It can all be yours for £34.95. — W.B.