Dallas Grand Prix

Dallas Grand Prix

I am a long time reader of your fine periodical and have come to think of it as something akin to a reference work for the sport. It is with that in mind that I offer a few corrective remarks or amplifications on a point.

There is no oil in Dallas! In spite of what one sees in the much televised "Dallas" programme, there is not, never has been. nor ever will he one drop. of indigenous crude oil in Dallas County. The closest oil is 80 miles away. The closest major oil supply is 500 miles away.

But, there is oil money in Dallas, and lots of it. Oil company towering office buildings dominate downtown Dallas. Another visible sign of the wealth is the .abundance of Mercedes-Berm and Porsche automobiles. Dallas is home for the largest volume 14113 and Porsche dealerships in the US. And, believe me, it is very -easy to come to an intersection and have only Mercedes occupying the road. In fact, it is not uncommon for the only participants in auto accidents to be Mercedes.

While the Dallas GP may have becss the slowest on the circuit, it teas no less than exciting for the spectators. The course was tight, winding, and full of areas where jockeying for position took place or high speed overtaking were available. I know the drivers were not fond of the concrete barriers surrounding the course, but they are professionals and drove to the best of their abilities under the conditions presented to them. Besides, if you wain speed, we offer the Salt Flats at Bonneville in Utah. If you want skill we offer the Dallas GP.

With reference to the heat that was. experienced by all of an in Dallas during the GP. Naturally, living in this part of the world, we are used to higher summer temperatures than most of the rest of the US and the people living in Europe. But, the temperatures experienced during the GP were most unusual. It was in fact, a form of a heat wave for us. Just bad luck that it happened when the eyes of the world were focused on Dallas. Since then, the temperatures have been very mild.

Please keep in mind that the organisers did not want to have the race in July. They were forced into that time slot t, hi,her Gp authorities. The next Dallas GI' is evidently scheduled for March. which is very very pleasant in Dallas with an ;iverage temperature around (30 F. As an aside concerning the track surface

and its breaking up during the GP. Famed race ear .driyer and builder Carroll Shelby and the organisers -were quite concerned that the track surface be of a certain quality. They contracted with a firm to provide a quality track surface. That surface was inspected by the organisers and FOCA and was assumed to be acceptable. We all found out it was not and it appears there is potential legal recourse to the contractor who laid down the surface. Next year, no doubt, the track will be as smooth as glass and stay that way. Dallas WILL SAMPLES, Jr