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Sportscars: up to 1100cc: G W Owen (Morris-JAP), 51.55s; Vintage, ditto (12); 1101-1500cc: S Smith (Frazer Nash), 46.09s; Vintage, ditto: 1501-3000cc: B Spollon (Riley), 46.15s; Vintage: P Cautley (Bugatti), 48.43s; over 3000cc: R Burrell (Bentley-Royce) 46.42s; Vintage: B Collings (Bentley), 50.54s: Racing Cars: up to 1100cc: C Gunn (MG), 47.65s; Vintage: D Lake (Amilcar-Riley), 48.09s; 1101-1500cc: D Ricketts (ERA R I B), 42.20s (R); Vintage: R Jardine (Bugatti) 52.09s; 1501-3000cc: B Spollon (ERA R8C), 41.41 s. FTD: Vintage: I Giles (AC/GN), 44.49s: over 3000cc: G Smith (Frazer Nash), 42.46s; Vintage: N Leston (Lovell-Elkhart spl), 45.45s; Post-war racing cars: A Bianchi (Lago Talbot), 45.035; Edwardians: M Walker (Monarch), 50.87s

(R) (R = New VSCC class record).