Letters, October 1993 - 4



What comes around …

I have read in the weekly press of Ayrton Senna’s apparently clumsy attempts to talk his way into a Ferrari drive next year. This, I find very sad. Firstly, a driver of Senna’s calibre shouldn’t need to lower himself to such depths; if there is no place for him in Formula One next year, it is an indictment of the petty politics that proliferate.

Having said that, I don’t see why Senna should appear so averse to trying to develop an effective challenge to Williams-Renault with McLaren. Alright, so the team hasn’t had a terribly good season by its own exalted standards, but Senna has still won three Grands Prix at the time of writing. If he’s unhappy with his lot, he should clear off now and create a space in F1 for one of the innumerable young men who merit an F1 opportunity but simply can’t find one.

No one heard Senna complaining about inequality in F1 when he and Prost were doing all the winning with their McLaren-Hondas. Every racing driver should be prepared to take the rough with the smooth, whether they are three times world champion or a local Formula Ford racer.
Conrad Parker, Carmarthen.