Jaguar's other 400bhp road car...

Looking for a Jaguar, sir? Does the new supercharged V8 not sound quite powerful enough for your tastes? Well, I have just the car for you. The boys from Coventry may be proud of their new supercharged V8 XJR, and rightly so, but 370bhp sounds a mite on the conservative sound and you, sir, I can tell, want a car that packs a real punch.

Take your time and have a leisurely look around this little beauty. Yes, she's had previous owners, but what classic car hasn't? She's also got 485bhp, a big V12, a full service history, and been in the winner's circle for four rounds of the 1983 European Touring Car Championship at the hands of some racey sounding chaps going by the names of Tom Walkinshaw, Martin Brundle and Chuck Nicholson.

Interested? Thought you might be. Well step inside and let's take her for a spin. No, she's fully road-legal now, sir. Proper Yokohama treaded tyres and even some reversing lights on the back. Anyway, fire her up, let's head out into the country.

Yes, it is a bit loud, I know, but snuggle down into those big Recaro seats, fasten those four-point belts, snick first gear and don't spare the horses. Try not to scare them either. There's a fearsome amount of torque under your right foot, and by the time you take second gear we are going to be breaking the speed limit. Yes sir, it does go like hell.

It handles rather well too, doesn't it? Remarkable steering for something with all that weight out in the front of the nose, I thought. Understeer? Not a trace of it, but I don't recommend that you lift off the throttle in a great hurry or we are going to be heading into that field over there.

Ah, that's better, It's just that I'm not a brilliant passenger. I'm sure you understand. Brakes? Not great to be honest with all that power pushing you on, I know, but if we stick some better pads in we'll be right as rain I'm sure.

Refinement? Please sir, we don't like to talk of such things. Take a look at that beautiful Jaguar livery. Boot space? Just look at that gorgeous V12 block under the bonnet. Fuel economy? I think perhaps sir would be better suited to an XJR after all... Many thanks to Duncan Hamilton Ltd where the ex-PAIR Jaguar XJS Gp A Touring Car is, as we closed, on sale for £75,000. All enquiries to 01256 765000.