Inside line: Edwin Jowsey

Meet historing racing's very own hotshoe. He's just 18, yet he handles an F5000 like an old pro. But what are his long-term plans?

What is your racing background?

I did six kart races to get my licence when I was 16 so that I could start racing my dad Clifford's Formula Junior Lotus 22 in 2001, which he had raced for five or six years. Last year I raced that and the Brabham BT28 in Classic Racing Cars. We had a lot of engine problems, but I won quite a few races.

What about this season?

I've carried on in the Lotus and the Brabham, but we've also raced the Lola F5000 a few times. We tried to race all three at the Oulton Park Gold Cup meeting, but the Lola had a metering unit problem. I won with the other two, though.

How did you adapt to the F5000?

After driving that, the other two seem like they're standing still! It was a big jump, but it was much easier to drive than I thought it would be. You just point it where you want it to go.

What happens next?

I'm halfway through my 'A' levels at the moment, but I spend all my spare time on the cars. We're racing at Spa and Le Mans in September, and then at either Silverstone or Donington in October. I'm trying to get myself noticed in historic racing, but we're thinking about switching to modern single-seaters next year. I want to make a career as a professional driver.