THE ART AND SCIENCE OF RACE DRIVING by Michael Krumm Michael Krumm is one of those drivers who should have made it to Formula 1, but didn’t through no fault of his own. However, he has earned huge respect from his fellow pros plying his trade out of the limelight. Now 41 years old, he has enjoyed great

success in Japan and races for Nissan in the FIA GT1 World Championship.

Now he has used that experience to write this brilliant book. As you can probably guess from the title, it’s a technical and highly detailed guide to race driving. Krumm covers everything from a basic understanding of pitch and roll to the secrets of driving technique and racing lines, from racecraff to the black art of finding a set-up. Young ‘wannabes’, club racers of varying experience and even seasoned racing pros should pick this up. They say you never stop learning, and Krumm is a teacher to whom you’ll want to listen. DS Published by Icon Publishing, ISBN 978 1 905334 63 6, £24.99