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A new type of intuitive electric bike tech is taking the strain out of cycling

Arcc Moulton TSR electric bicycle

Arcc Moulton TSR Electric

Forget all-in-one Lycra, the latest must-have accessory for cyclists, whether on Boris Bikes or Bromptons, is a battery pack. And proof that as the tech improves so does the experience, is this modified Moulton from ARCC Bikes. It features an innovative power unit that senses when the rider is in need of an extra push and delivers it via a 250w motor built into the front wheel hub. Take it to Le Mans and you’d be the envy of the campsite as you cruise effortlessly around La Sarthe.

The power system, called the ARCC e2-pod Intelligent Drive System, is unusual in that while it has a conventional torque sensor power output mode – meaning power increases in line with the rider’s exertion – it also has a built in accelerometer. This, coupled with clever software, means it can recognise hills and gradients and then provide automatic compensation by increasing and decreasing power delivery. The result is a far smoother and more intuitive ride than conventional systems. The set-up is navigated via a portable Bluetooth controller that clips neatly onto the handlebar and allows the rider to select power levels as well as activate a launch mode which gives full power delivered for three seconds from standstill – ostensibly allowing safe and easy getaway from traffic lights, but useful for cheap thrill seekers, too.

The 1.3kg Bosch battery has a range of around 30 miles and charges in around 50 minutes. In extensive testing by Motor Sport (full disclosure, ARCC is an affiliate company to ours) the system worked flawlessly, taking the idea of electric bikes to an entirely new level. It can be retrofitted to other bike models as well as ARCC’s own designs.
From £3244,


Alfa Romeo luggage

Alfa Romeo leather bag

Our friends at Jordan Bespoke have been at it again. This new piece celebrates 100 years of Alfa Romeo, and has been designed in conjunction with the Alfa Romeo Museum. Made from fine-grade Italian leather and accented with red seat-belt webbing straps, the bag’s exterior is finished off with the distinctive ‘quadrifoglio’ cloverleaf logo that has designated all ‘hot’ Alfas since it first adorned Ugo Sivocci’s 1923 Targa Florio-winning RL. Inside, the bag displays an image of Juan Manuel Fangio aboard his 158 grand prix car en route to victory at Monaco in 1950, 70 years ago this season – the image licensed directly from the Alfa museum.


Ricardo Group B art set

Ricardo Group B art set

Ricardo Santos is a designer with a passion for all things cars, and his modern artworks of competition cars catch the eye. This set of Group B prints stands out. Celebrating rallying’s maddest, baddest, most dangerous to know category, Ricardo has collated 10 prints of the era’s best machines together. The sets are limited to just 200, with each bearing a batch number and come signed by the artist.


Lamborghini powerboat

Lamborghini powerboat

Not many things make an Aventador look understated but this new powerboat by Lamborghini is one of them. The Italian company actually has a long history on the waves and has been producing V12 racing engines for powerboats for decades. But when Lambo announced a new superyacht, we doubt anybody expected it to look quite like this. Jointly created with The Italian Sea Group, the Technomar for Lamborghini 63 draws influence from the new Sián FKP 37 hypercar. There are unmistakable Lamborghini touches everywhere, from the stern lights to the jagged decks shaped like engine covers, and even the hexagonal detailing of the Aventador’s exhausts. Inside, the cabin is given the same fighter jet feel as the Huracán. It has two V12s, each producing 2000bhp. It’s 63-feet long in deference to Lamborghini’s 1963 formation, and only 63 will be made.


Piloti Momentum Le Mans 24H trainers

Piloti Momentum Le Mans 24H trainers

Italian brand Piloti has been creating driving trainers since 1999. Its latest collaboration is with the Le Mans 24 Hours, which has culminated in this detailed Momentum range. Available in three colour combinations – black/tan, white/ grey and navy/white – they are leather and Nubuck and have the Le Mans logo on the tongue, along with the coordinates of the Circuit de la Sarthe printed between the laces and the French flag on the heel. The innersole has an arty aerial track map, and the sole resembles tyre tread. Being Piloti, they also come with Roll Control cushioning giving extra support when operating your car’s pedals. Heel-and-toe to your heart’s delight, chaps.


Lotus plug and play instrument pack

Lotus plug and play instrument pack

Spying a Lotus on a track day is no rarity, and the Norfolk brand knows this, so is always tinkering to give its customers new ways to enjoy their cars on track. This new plug and play digital instrument pack is its latest innovation. Designed to fit directly into both the Elise and Exige V6 models from 2008 onwards, the unit simply slots in to replace the original instrumentation and comes pre-loaded with digital data of more than 4000 tracks across the world. Using precision GPs tracking, it can give the driver real-time data of lap and split times, racing line tracking as well as all the usual data such as speed, RPM and temperatures.


Motor sport games

Time inside with the family need not be dull with these racing-related board games

Downforce board game


A card-based game about grand prix racing. Players bid to own cars, and then play power-up cards to get them round the track fastest., £27


Mercedes Monopoly

Sounds like the theme of F1 seasons over the last half-decade… but it’s actually a Silver Arrows edition of the world’s greatest argument-inducer., £47.50


Thunder Alley board gameThunder Alley

A NASCAR-style card game of stock car racing and tactical drafting for 2-7 players. It includes four different track layouts., $64