The best car and racing books from 2020

Some of the best titles published last year for car and racing enthusiasts

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Shadow — The magnificent machines of a man of mystery
Pete Lyons

Terrific tale about the mysterious and controversial Don Nichols and the cars he created, by a writer who saw them race and interviewed ‘The Man in Black’ late in life. Shadows rarely won but looked great, while Nichols’ backstory of shady deals and espionage couldn’t be richer.

EVRO, £75
ISBN 9781910505496

Racing through Europe — The motorsport photography of Brian Joscelyne
David Tremayne

A photo book to wallow in. Wonderful emotive images spanning from the 1950s to the ’70s and covering 75 European circuits and hillclimbs. The action is great, but it’s the paddock and pits and off-duty shots that really captivate, and all are luxuriously presented. Joscelyne combined technical skill with his racer’s eye to give fascinating pictures.

Palawan, £500

The Boy: Stirling Moss — A life in 60 laps
Richard Williams

Highly readable survey of Stirling’s career in short single-subject chapters, placing the man, his racing and his life and views in the context of their time. A fresh and enjoyable approach to describing one of the most famous racers of all time.

Simon Schuster, £20
ISBN 9781471198458

Tom Pryce: Memories of a Welsh F1 star by those who knew him
Darren Banks & Kevin Guthrie

Not just the story of the talented Welshman who lost his life in a stupid accident, but an assemblage of memories from rivals, colleagues and friends illuminating the character of a quiet man who was just beginning to show his immense potential in Formula 1.

Performance Publishing, £35
ISBN 9780957645073

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