ALTHOUGH the chief item on the programme, August 27th, was the 100 mile race, several interesting curtain raisers were staged in the form of 3 and 5 lap handicap events.

The first race for 350 c.c. machines was won by a dark horse in the form of a Velocette, entered by R. Jones, but ridden by one of F. G. Hicks’ henchmen, with Phillips (Cotton J.A.P.) second and Frank Longman (A.J.S.) third. The winner’s speed was 85.87 m.p.h.

Rex Judd brought his Douglas home first in the 3-lap handicap for machines up to 1,000 c.c., followed by H. Trevor-Battye (Douglas) and J. S. Wright (Brough Superior). As a result of his speed of 98.62 m.p.h. Judd was re-handicapped for the 5-lap race, but had evidently kept something up his sleeve, for lapping at 103 m.p.h. he scored a run-away win at 99.61 m.p.h., being pursued home by J. S. Wright and F. G. Hicks (Velocette).

The sidecar race was won by the limit man, Greenfield, on a 250 c.c. McEvoy-Blackburne at 61.56 mp.h., his nearest rivals being J. S. Worters (Excelsior) and McArthur (Zenith.

As a result of his previous wins Judd was again re-handicapped for the Hutchinson 100 and although apparently using a different machine, his protests were ignored. Accordingly the Douglas entry was scratched.

Among other interesting entries were the limit man, Anderson on a 250 c.c. Dunelt, Willis of Junior T.T. fame on a Velocette, Hobbs, camshaft A.J.S., and Freddie Dixon on the latest thing in Brough Superiors. Anderson started off with his long handicap and surprised everyone by lapping steadily at 68 m.p.h. By the time the whole entry had been dispatched it was seen

that apart from Anderson who held his lead for many laps, E. Ventura (250 c.c. Cotton), Hobbs (350 c.c. A.J.S.) and Hicks and Willis (Velocettes), were all going well and looked like possible winners. As usual the old Harley in the hands of F. A. Longman, was lapping quietly at over 90 m.p.h., but Dixon burst his back tyre on the second lap and fell off.

Last time Freddie rode at Brooklands his forks broke at 100 m.p.h., so these little incidents are quite an everyday occurrence to him and he was unhurt.

Several other riders fell off, including Slade-Jones (Alldays-Bradshaw), who became involved with another rider.

Hobbs was now looking a very likely winner but suffered some delay on one ofhis laps, thus strengthening the Velocette position.

Hicks was leading Willis, although starting behind him, until on the 32nd lap the former broke a valve spring and retired. Ventura (Cotton) was the first to pass Anderson and shortly afterwards Willis passed both of them to win at 86:39 m.p.h. On his last lap Anderson was also passed by the Harley but had the satisfaction of averaging 66 m.p.h. for the whole distance and of finishing 4th. Result :

1. H. J. Willis (350 c.c. Velocette), 86.39 m.p.h.

2. E. Ventura (250 c.c. Cotton).

3. F. A. Longman (989 c.c. Harley-Davidson).

4. N. Anderson (250 c.c. Dunelt).

5. H. Hobbs (350 c.c. A.J.S.).

6. T. Wainwright (350 c.c. Cotton).