The Relay Grand Prix



The Relay Grand Prix

ON 25th July the Light Car Relay Grand Prix was held at Brooklands under very adverse weather conditions when a tremendously heavy rain storm rendered the track waterlogged. Nevertheless sixty-six—the full entry list—took part in the event, and considering the heavy going, the speeds put up by many of the competitors were very good. The race was won by Captain Waite’s team of blown Anstin Sevens with an average speed of 81.77 m.p.h., and the second team to finish— comprising an Austin, a Lea-Francis and a Riley—averaged 80.14 m.p.h. Three unsupercharged Austins came third at 65.01 m.p.h.

65.01 m.p.h.


First Prize, The M.G. Challenge Trophy, replica and purse of 25 guineas.—Capt. A. C. R. Waite (three 747 c.c. supercharged Austins). To the drivers, 14. Cushman, J. D. Barnes and C. Goodacre, souvenirs. Second Prize, The Mobiloil Cup.—J. C. Elwes (1,496 c.c. Lea-Francis, 1,089 c.c. Riley, 747 c.c. Austin (S.). To the drivers, A. N. Maclachlan, A. M. C. Jameson and J. C. Qlwes, replicas. Third Prize, The Morgan Cup.—P. W. Marriage (three 747 c.c. Austins). To the drivers, P. W. Marriage, A. D’Arcy Browne and R. R. M. de Bolleroche, replicas.

Prizes awarded to’ Entrants and Drivers who do not benefit by the list given above. “The Light Car and Cyclecar.” Challenge Cup and replica.—

To the entrant of the first team which ran to schedule and finished the race within qualifying time, C. Anthony (1,496 c.c. AstonMartin, 847 c.c. M.G. Midget, 847 c.c. M.G. Midget). To the drivers, C. Anthony, C. E. Wood and A. Jones, souvenirs. The March Cup.—To the entrant of the first one-make team to finish the race within qualifying time. The Earl of March (three 746 c.c. supercharged M.G. Midgets). To the drivers, H. D. Parker, the Earl of March and G. K. Cox, souvenirs. The John Yule Cup.—To the entrant of the first mixed team to finish the race within qualifying time. J. Street (1,496 c.c. Bugatti, 1,496 c.c. Bugatti, 750 c.c. B.C. Special). To the drivers, R. L. Duller, J. A. Robinson and C. G. L. Willis, souvenirs. ” The Autocar Souvenirs.—To the entrant and drivers of every team which completed the race irrespective of schedule, but in qualifying time and provided they won no other award. The Hon. Mrs. Chetwynd (1,496 c.c. Lea-Francis, S., 746 c.c. M.G. Midget, 1,271 c.c. Wolseley Hornet). Drivers, the Hon A D Chetwynd, the Hon Mrs, Chetwynd and F. S. Hutchens C. A. Paul (1,089 c.c. Riley, 1,847 c.c. Aston-Martin, 1,354 c.c. Windsor). Drivers, R. S. Outlaw, C. H. Masters and C. A. Paul. R. Littlewood-Clarke (three 847 c.c. M.G. Midgets). Drivers R. Littlewood-Clarke, S. Pepper and P. H Lim. R. R. Jackson (three 746 c.c. M.G. Midgets, S.). Drivers, R. T. Horton, R. R. Jackson and A. T. G. Gardner. Miss V. Worsley (three 747 c.c. Austins). Drivers, E. C. H. Randall, Miss V. Worsley and A. G. B. Wood. G. H. Goodall (996 c.c. Morgan, 996 c.c. Morgan, 1,096 c.c. Morgan). Drivers, H. C. Lones, A. C. Maskell and T. A. Rhodes.