The A.A. Irish Handbook.



The A.A. Irish Handbook.

THE Automobile Association has now issued the Irish Handbook for 1931-32. Particulars are given of all hotels and garages holding the full appointment of

the A.A. in Ireland, whilst for the first time hotels having hot and cold running water provided in the bedroms are shown. Up-to-date information is given eon eerning foreign tours, steamship charges for motor vehicles, lighting up tables for

Northern Ireland, and the Irish Free State, and a table ” Your car tax at a glance,” which shows the amounts due for taxation according to horse-power on an annual, quarterly or monthly basis.

A feature of the publication is a map in atlas form (scale 16 miles to the inch) which will be of the utmost service when touring.

In addition full information is given regarding crossing the Border from the Free State to Northern. Ireland and vice versa, whilst the legal sections for Northern Ireland and the Irish Free State have been revised, and brought up-to-date to include recent legislation.