Triumph Cars for 1932



‘Frit mph Cars for 1932

A New Nine” in the Range

AT the invitation of the Triumph Company we recently paid a visit to their works at Coventry to inspect their range of models for the coming year.

Among these is an entirely new 9 h.p. car which has a four-cylinder engine with overhead inlet valves and a three-bearing crankshaft. A four-speed gearbox is included in the standard specification and other items are semi-elliptic springs all round with Silentbloc bushes, rear petrol tank and underslung worm-drive back axle. As a two-seater it is to be listed at 2175, and as a saloon, it costs the same. The new model will also be sold in de luxe form at £185.

The popular “Super Seven” sports two-seater, which has done so well in competitions both in this country and abroad is retained in the Triumph range, but numerous detail improvements have been added to its general specification, and like the other types it can now be had with a four-speed gearbox. The price is £147 10s.

An innovation is found in the saloon Triumphs in the ” pillarless ” door arrangement which allows exceptionally easy access to both front and rear compartments. This is made possible by the absence of the usual central column between the doors, and it gives an entrance space of nearly four feet. The small six-cylinder, which made its appearance at last year’s Olympia Show, has been improved in

many respects, whilst at the same time the prices have been materially reduced.

Three types are listed—a 2/4 seater de luxe at £175, a four-door coachbuilt saloon at £185 and a de luxe model with four-speed gear-box at 2205. All round improvements include increase of the track and wheel base to 3 ft. 7i ins. and 7ft. 8f ins, respectively, a rear mounted tank and semi-elliptic springs with Silentbloc bushes and Luvax hydraulic shock absorbers.

In addition to its four-speed gearbox, the de luxe saloon is standardised with a sliding roof, spring bumpers, safety glass all round and real hide upholstery. A fourspeed box can be supplied with the two other Scorpions for an extra of 25 5s. only. All Triumph cars are fitted with Lockheed hydraulic brakes. The full list of 1932 Triumphs is as follows :— ” Super Sevens.” De Luxe Open Cars : 2/4 seater, £140; Tourer, £140; Sports 2-seater, £147 10s. Coachbuilt Saloons : Two-door, £150; Four-door (pillarless), £150; de luxe model (twoor four-door) four-speed,

“Super Nines.” (all four speeds).-2/4 seater de luxe, £175; Four-door coachbuilt saloon, £175; de luxe model £185. Six-cylinder “Scorpions,” 2/4 seater de luxe, £175; Four-door coachbuilt saloon, £185; de luxe model four-speed, 2205.

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