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THE FRIBOURG HILL-CLIMB. Hill-Climb was run on

THE Fribourg Hill-Climb was run on Sunday, the 26th July. As this event counts towards the European Hill-Climbing Championship for 1931, the entry list was well filled, and the competition for fastest time very keen. A certain amount of interest was taken from the event, however, by the absence of the Nacional Pescara racers, driven by Zanelli and Tort, who at that time were leading in the racing class of the Championship.

Fastest time of the day was made by Caracciola (Mercedes-Benz), with Von Morgen (Bugatti) close behind, 2/5ths of a second slower. The full results were : SPORTS CARS:

750 cm.-1, Kohlrausch (E.M.W.), 11m. 52 1/5s.

1.100 cm.-1, Herzberg (Amilcar), 11m. 49 2/5s.

1.5C0 cm.-1, Comte Lurani (Alfa Romeo), 10m. 28 2/5s.

2.000 cm.-1, Prince Leiningen (Bugatti), 9m. 38s.

3.000 cm.-1, Burggaler (Bugatti), 9m. 33s.

8.000 cm.-1, Caracciola (MercedesBenz), 8m. 51 2/5s. RACING CARS:

750 an.-1, Buhofer (D.K.W.), 11m. 2/5s.

1.100 cm.-1, Decaroli (Salmson), 9m. 54 2/58.

1.500 cm.-1, Tauberg (Alfa Romeo), 9m. 32 1/5s.

3.000 cm.-1, Stuber (Bugatti), 9m. 3 4/5s.

8.000 cm.-1, Von Morgen (Bugatti), 8m. 51 4/5s.


CARACCIOLA added still further to his reputation by making fastest time of the day in the Tatra Hill Climb held on August 18th. This event is the Polish Hill-Climb which forms part of the European Mountain Championship.

An Austin Seven driven by Mackievvicz won the 750 c.c. class, while of the faster cars good times were put up by ArcoZinneberg (Austro-Daimler), Holij and Hartmann (Bugattis). Caracciola’s time for the climb of 7 kin. 500 was 5 minutes 29 seconds.



1.100 cm.-1, Schmidt (Amilcar), 6 30s. 570 (average 69 km. 129).

1.500 cm.-1, Szczyzycki (Vikov), 7m. 14s. 070 (average 52 km. 201).

2.000 cm.-1, Stuninski (Alfa Romeo), 7m. 29s. 830 (average 60 kn. 122).

3.000 cm.-1, Fruhling (Bugatti), 7m. Is. 030 (average 64 km. 080). 2, Widawski (Austro-Daimler), 7m. 9s. 045.

5.000 cm.-1, Hilczynski (Ford), 6m. 58s. 205 (average 64 km. 128) ; 2, Lobkovitz (Chrysler), 8m. 20s. 795.

8.000 cm.-1, Caracciola (MercedesBenz), 5m. 29s. 870 (average 81 km. 850), fastest time of the event.


750 cm.-1, Markiewicz (Austin), 7m. 9s. 050 (average 62 km. 929).

1.500 cm.-1, Holuj (Bugatti), 5m. 51s. 670 (average 76 km. 776) ; 2, Pohl (Bugatti), 5m. 51s. 735; 3, Ripper (Dugatti), Gm. Os. 270 ; 4, Frankl (Bugatti), 6m. 7s.

3.000 cm.-1, Hartman (Bugatti), 5m. 53s. 935 (average 76 km. 285) ; 2, Lobkovitz (Bugatti), 6m. Is. 300.

5.000 cm.-1, Arco-Zinneberg (AustroDaimler), 5m. 51s. 630 (average 76 km. 890) ; 2, Liefeldt (Austro-Daimler), 5m. 59s. 600.


THE race for the Coupe Ciano was held on August 2nd, over 200 kilometers of the Montenero circuit, and proved a great victory for Tazio Nuvolari (Alfa-Romeo), closely followed by Chiron (Bugatti) and Fagioli (Maserati).


2 litres and over.-1, Nuvolari (AlfaRomeo), 2h. 23m. 40s. (average speed 83.518 k.p.h.) ; 2, Chiron (Bugutti), 2h. 24m. 23s. ; 3, Pagioli (Maserati), 211. 26m. 48s.; 4, Campari (Alfa-Romeo), 21. 27m. 27s.; 5, Varzi (Bugatti), 2h. 28m. 56s.

1,100 c.c.-1, Premoli (Salmson), 2b. 14m. 3s. (average speed 71 k.p.h.) ; 2, Furari (Talbot), 2h. 14m. 5s. ; 3, Matrullo (Salmsort), 2h. 16m. 39s.


ARACE meeting was held at the Avus Track in Berlin on Sunday, August 2nd, and a huge crowd of spectators saw Caracciola score a popular victory on his Mercedes-Benz at an average speed of 117 m.p.h.


750 c.c. 96.696 km.-1, Macher (D.K.W.), 49m. 14s. (average speed 120.

244) k.p.h.) ; 2, Lohlratisch (X. . .). 49m. 16S.

1,500 c.c., 196.561 km.-1l starters 2 finished. 1, Levy (Bugatti), lh. 18m. 26s. (average speed 150.180 k.p.h.) ; 2, Decaroli (Salmson), 1h. 23m. 28s.

Over 1,500 c.c., 294.426 km.-1, Caracciola (Mercedes-Benz), lh. 35m. 7s. (average speed 187 k.p.h.) ; 2, Von Morgen (Bugatti), lh. 39m. 43s.; 3, Brauchitsch (Mercedes-Benz), 1 b. 42m. 32s.


S0 many races this year have been marred by bad weather conditions that it was not surprising that Sunday, August 2nd, the day on which was held the Circuit du Dauphine, should dawn grey and cold, with a steady downpour of rain. In spite of this, however, a good crowd watched an exciting race which was eventually won by Scaron (Amilcar) in Class B, by Toselli (Bugatti) in Class C, and by Philippe Etancelin (Alfa-Romeo) in Class

D. In the latter class there was a terrific struggle between the winner and Lehoux (Bugatti), who lead for the first few laps.

The record speed for the race made by the late Eddoura of 128 k.p.h. was not beaten, but this was not to be wondered at when one remembers that heavy rain fell throughout the race. The results were :

Class B (217 km.).-1, Scaron (Amilcar), 211. 35m. 53s. (average 101 km. 045) ; 2, Martinatti (Salmson) ; 3, Do..rel (Amilcar) ; 4, Girard (B.N.C.).

Class C (233 km. 200).-1, Toselli (Bugatti), 2h. 18m. 30s. (average 104 km. 633) ; 2, Ralph (Bugatti) ; 3, Veyrat (Bugatti) ; 4, Mme Anne Itier (Bugatti) ; 5, Joly (Maserati) ; 6, Angwerd (Bugatti) ; 7, Mlle Helle-Nice (Bugatti).

Class D (238 km. 500).-1, Etancelin (Alfa Romeo) ; 2 h. 2m. 8s. (average 117 km. 160) ; 2, Lehoux (Bugatti), 2h. 2m. 37s.; 3, Zehender (Alfa-Romeo) ; 4, Ferrant (Peugeot).


Boulogne Once More !

MANY enthusiasts will be pleased to hear that the Boulogne Meeting has been revived. This will open with a Rally on September 3rd, followed on the next day by a Concours d’Elegance and a Concours de Confort. On the 5th there will be a pilgrimage to the monuments of Boillot, Guippone and Matthys, while on the next day there will be a hill-climb for motor-cycles and cars. The Meeting will conclude with a distribution of prizes on the same day.

The Monza Grand Prix. be on

This classic race will be held on September 6th. Prize money amounting to 284,000 lire has been put up, and should ensure a comprehensive entry. As in the past, eliminating heats will be run, and for these, 14 circuits of the track will be used. In the final 35 laps will he run, while the 1,100 c.c. class will have to cover 20 laps.

Entries so far received include Philippe Etancelin (Alfa-Romeo), winner at Dieppe, Dauphine and. Comminges, Marcel Lehoux (Bugatti), victorious at Geneva and Champagne, Scaron (Amilcar), Dottrel (Amilcar), Pesato (Samson), Manet (Salmson) and Macher (D.K.W.).

The Meeting of Routes Payees.

Entries for this interesting meeting closed on August 24th, but those so far received will guarantee the success of the Six Hour Grand Prix for the Cup donated by the ” Petit Parisien.” The entries so far received number over 40, made up as follows : 13 Bugatti, 3 Lorraine, 2 Omega-Six, 1 Chrysler, I Mercedes, 1 Peugeot, 1 Ford, 3 Alfa-Romeo, 3 Licorne, 1 M.L.C.,

2 Amilcar, 1 Chevallier, 2 B.N.C., 4 Caban, 2 Antony, I Gobron, I Maserati.