Club News

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ENTRIES at singles fees have come in very well for the B.R.D.C. 500 Miles Race to be held at Brooklands on September 24th, and closed as follows. With the possibility of many more being received at double fees, the " 500" this year should be one of the best races of the year.


M.C.C. The above club is holding another Hill-Climb at Dancers End, Tring, Sunday, 25th September. This climb for members of this club only. All except pure racing cars, can compete, to 1,500 c.c. capacity. There will touring, and sports classes. cars will be placed in one class above actual engine size. The hill is on a estate and about 440 yards long with sharp left-hand bend. Entry forms

regulations can now be had from the Hon. Secretary, Maldon Cot, Haxapstead Road, Watford, Herts.


That ever popular meeting, the M.C.C.'s One Hour High Speed Reliability Trial, will this year take place at Brooklands on September 3rd. In the afternoon will be held a sries of 2-lap handicap races for motor cycles and cars, and a Two-lap Relay Race also for motor cycles and cars.

Admission to track 2s. 6d. Children is. 6d. Motor-cycles and 3-wheelers is.; cars 2s. 6d.

Further information, together with entry forms and regulations, may be obtained from the Secretary, J. A. Masters. Esq., 22, Norland Square, London, W.11.


The final meeting of speed trials will be held on the Race Hill, Lewis, on September 10th. The course is one third of a mile, and there will be classes for racing, sports and touring cars. Each car will have two runs, and in addition to the usual awards, a host of special Trophies and Challenge Cups will be competed for.

For entry forms, etc., apply to the Hon Secretary, H. V. Warren, 51, Ringwood Road, Eastbourne.