A new course has been planned on the existing Monza autodrome for the Italian

Grand Prix. In order to reduce the speed of the cars-and thus avoid a repetition of the disastrous race of 1933-the R.A.C.I. is going to erect four chicanes on the lines of those used in the French G.P. at Montih6ry. The first will be at the end of the straight past the stands; the second is to be placed on the straight which follows the next right-hand curve; the third will be placed immediately after the .101.■

cutting where the road dives under the bridge, and the fourth will be situated on the straight of the outer circuit, just before the long curve which brings the cars back to the start. Added to these chicanes will be a bay, as used last year, in the middle of the long curve back to the start The length of the new course is 6.890 kms., exactly the same as that used in

the 1930 Grand Prix. It is hoped that the cars will pass the stands at 180 m.p.h. and that they will average round about 80 m.p. h.


Enzo Ferrari has had to give up the motor-cycle branch of his Scuderia. His reason for doing se is that the motorcycle races do not carry enough prizemoney to pay for the running of a properly organised team.

Ardent believers in the theory that the best car drivers are ex-motor-cyclists will ask ” where will Ferrari find his new car drivers fri the future? “

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