A New Racing Fuel-20 per cent. H20



giving demonstrations. said to be interested.

The fuel is composed of raw spirits, oils obtained from vegetable bases, ordinary tap water, and a secret chemical binder. The water content can vary from 13 per tent. to 20 per cent.

Recently Capt. D. B. K. Shipwright arranged for the first test of this fuel in a fast car. At the Baron’s request his shed at Brooklands was curtained-off, and chemical measures and containers provided. Baron Coredo arrived from town with his secret binder and proceeded to mix 2 gallons of fuel. This was put into the empty tank of a very rakish Sunbeam, consisting of an old 2-litre Grand Prix chassis powered with a 20/25 h.p. Rolls-Royce engine. per Baron Coreth zu Coredo, an Austrian -chemist, has discovered a secret motor fuel which could be produced in large quantities, very cheaply, in almost any country in the world. Baron Coredo has protected his secret fully, and is now in this country Herr Hitler is

The engine started up faultlessly, and with the inventor as passenger, Capt. Shipwright drove round the Track. When he returned he stated that the acceleration had improved considerably, and that the speed had risen from 85 to nearly 95 m.p.h. A rather curious odour was detectable from the exhaust.

Although this mysterious fuel is at present debarred the fighting aeroplanes ef the nations of the world, Capt. Shipwright has the monopoly for racing purposes. He contemplates running in Capt. Duff’s proposed trans-African road race on this fuel. In the meantime another experiment has

been progressing at Brooklands. R. J. Munday has been testing a ” flat-iron ” Thomas-Special in which has been installed a 24-litre, high-speed Diesel engine. The Shipwright Special

Capt. Denis Shipwright came to Brooklands just after the Armistice, when he raced a 30 h.p. Armstrong-Siddeley with some success. Later he competed with a very beautifully streamlined S.P.A. He has now returned to the Track, having opened premises in the paddock adjoining

the Dunlop sheds. He is specialising in Racing Tuition and the sale, purchase and preparation of racing cars. His own racing car is in course of preparation, and should appear very shortly. The Shipwright-Special comprises Miss Joan Richmond’s 1921 3-litre G.P. Ballot, suitably modified. The chassis is being rebuilt and lowered, and a new, streamline 2-seater body fitted. The engine is to he considerably modified internally. It will be recalled that it is a 3-litre, straight-eight unit with four valves per cylinder and twin magnetos and carburetters. New connecting rods are being designed, bnd the old, drip-feed system of lubrication replaced by a pressure-system incorporating a Lagonda ” Rapier ” oil pump. It is expected that the safe rev, limit will increase from 3,500 to 4,000 r.p.m. Speeds in the neighbourhood of ‘130 m.p.h. are spoken of, and Capt. Shipwright may attack the Class ” D ” Lap Record, now held by Earl

Howe’s Bugatti at 129.70 m.p.h. He drove a 14-litre Grand Prix Bugatti in two outer-circuit races at the August B.A.R.C. meeting.