HELPED no doubt by reduced admission charges, and by quite decent weather, Brooklands attracted a crowd of the old proportions on August Bank Holiday. Also in the old tradition, the programme started at 1 p.m., in order to accommodate twelve races and two demonstrations.

The first race was the 5 lap August Road Handidap, with Kenneth Evans’s Alfa-Romeo, Billy Cotton’s E.R.A. and Rolt’s E.R.A. all on the scratch mark. Wilkinson with the ex-Dobb’s 2-litre Riley won at almost 70 m.p.h. from Rolt and Cotton. Lemon Burton had his 3.8 litre G.P. Bugatti out and lifted Ashby’s old Class C lap record from 66.89 m.p.h. to 69.28 m.p.h.—that he wasn’t placed showed how severe Ebby was with him. Later, Arbuthnot’s Alfa beat this figure.

A similar race followed, Percy Maclure’s blown Riley just catching Winterbottom’s limit Alta at the end, to win at over 71 m.p.h. Aitken would have been third with his E.R.A. but he spun it on the Railway Straight turn, and Harvey Noble, driving Sumner’s M.G., was placed instead.

In yet another of these races Stocks built up a big lead with his 1,087 c.c. M.G. but was caught right at the end by Gerard’s 11-litre Riley, which won at nearly 65 m.p.h. E. M. Thomas’s sports B.M.W. was third. Michael May’s elderly Alvis, newly tailed, was handled by A. P. Hamilton and was close up on Dorothy Stanley Turner’s M.G. Kerr-Bate’s RileyAmilcar retired and Dorndorf’s Peugeot was last. Came the big event of the afternoon ; the 10 lap Campbell Trophy Scratch Race, with the preliminary left hairpin following a start by the Paddock grandstand. The starters were ” Bira’s ” old 8-litre Maserati, Cotton’s E.R.A., Arbuthnot’s ex-Ruesch Alfa-Romeo, Mays E.R.A., Ansell’s E.R.A., Horsf all’s E.R.A., Ashby’s Alfa-Romeo, Evans’s AlfaRomeo, Staniland’s Multi-Union, Aitken’s E.R.A., Hyde’s Maserati and the BrookeSpecial. Mays took the lead as soon as the flag fell and drew steadily away. ” Bira ” was next, leading Horsfall’s E.R.A. This position held for lap one, with Arbuthnot fourth, going really fast, and Cotton fifth. Along the Railway Straight Arbuthnot did. as Ashby did last year, namely, came up on sheer speed. The new Multi-Union was going well, too, and was fourth at the end of lap two, with Cotton still fifth. Arbuthnot let the Alfa get out of control at the Vicker’s bend and had to let the entire

field pass before resuming. However, he had established another Class C lap record, at 75.57 m.p.h.—if such records are to be recognised during races, which we understood they were not. Mays drew well ahead of “Bira,” the 2-litre E.R.A.’s rear axle juddering excitingly as he anchored before the corners. Staniland was third after 3 laps, with Horsfall fourth, and next round Horsfall had dropped back and Cotton was on the Multi-Union’s tail. Then the MultiUnion began misfiring trouble which slowed it for the rest of the day. Ashby and Brooke ran last. Aitken had come up

into 5th place, and was fourth on lap 7, and Ashby, Brooke and Ansell were in trouble. Aitken caught Cotton on lap 8. Mays won exceedingly comfortably at 72.71 m.p.h. with ” Bira ” second and Aitken third. Cotton was fourth, Horsfall fifth, and Evans sixth. After Major Gardner had demonstrated the 200 m.p.h. M.G. three Mountain races followed. In the first Miss StanleyTurner led from lap one, to win at 66.23 m.p.h. in her Q.M.G.—” Q” does not signify anything A.R.P., the Q type being the M.G. model made before the R, having normal suspension and the very highly developed 747 c.c. engine. Aitken, with his new” 2.9″ Alfa-Aitken, came up well into second place from the 5 secs. mark, and Brooke followed him into

third place. Varvill’s M.G., which ran its mechanic over before the start, was last, and Cowell’s Alta poked a rod. In the next 5 lap handicap Nichols’s 1,087 c.c. M.G. passed Mrs. Thomas’s B.M.W. on lap 4, to win at 70.91 m.p.h. and Whitehead, in spite of a slide, brought his E.R.A. in second, very close to the M.G. Aitken’s E.R.A. was third, Rolt lost his brakes and nearly sailed over the banking, and the Multi-Union and Hampshire’s Maserati retired, while Esplen’s M.G. went sick. Race numbers are now repainted on the cars as they line

up, which is a trifle confusing. In the last Mountain race Parnell had the B.H.W. pushed off just as the flag fell for him, showing confidence in his car. Billy Cotton drove an admirable race in his E.R.A., winning at 77.15 m.p.h. from Maclure’s Riley, which he only caught on the run in, beating Percy by a mere * of a second, Cutler’s Frazer-Nash was third after a great duel with Edmondson’s M.G. Magnette.

Activities was now shifted to the outercircuit, for three long handicaps. In the first, Baker’s 5+-litre Graham-Paige, as usual carrying a passenger, led until right at the end, when Brackenbury and Lord Selsdon on the Le Mans V12 Lagondas, came through to first and second places. Brackenbury averaged nearly 1 181 m.p.h. after lapping at about 128 m.p.h. and the two green, stripped British sports-cars looked very impressive indeed. Nuttall’s six-cylinder Lagonda, entered by Capt. Miller, was last. In the next race Maclure, in spite of a re-handicap came up on Sutherland’s limit, fully equipped 2-litre Aston-Martin and won at 122.71 m.p.h. from Duller in the Duesenberg and Horsfall on Rolt’s

The Multi-Union was still unwell, but nevertheless lapped at 140 m.p.h. Maclure lapped at 127.38 m.p.h. In the last race that hard-trier, Baker, kept his big, multi-carburetter Graham-Paige out in ront, lapping at over 100 m.p.h., to win win at 99.46 m.p.h. from Burton’s Tall?ot, repaired after Backwell, and Money’s M.G.

RESULTS. First August Road Handicap (5 Laps-11 miles)

1, W. B. Wilkinson (1,986 c.c. Riley), 20s. start, won by 3.2s. at 69.01 m.p.h. ; 2, A. P. II. Rolt (E.R.A.), scratch: 3, W E. Cotton (E.R.A.), scratch, 6s. behind winner. Second August Road Handicap (5 Laps-11 miles)

1, P. W. Maclure (1,498 c.c. Riley, S.), 5s., won by 1.8s. at 71.34 m.p.h.; 2, E. Winterbottom (1,100 c.c. Alta), 55s. start ; 3, G. P. Harvey Noble (1,100 c.c. M.G.), 39s. start, 10.28. behind winner. Third August Road Handicap (5 Laps-11 miles)

1, F. It. Gerard (1,406 c.c. Riley), scratch, won by 2.8s. at 64.87 m.p.h.; 2 J. C. Stocks (1,100 c.c. M.G.), 55s. start ; 3, E. 31:Thomas (1,971 c.c. FrazerNash B.M.W.) 20s. start, 4.2s. behind winner. The Campbell Trophy (Scratch Race) 10 Laps of the Road Circuit-32.5 miles 1, R. Nays (1,980 c.c. E.R.A.), 72.71 m.p.h.; 2, B. Bira” (2.9 Maserati), 13.4s. behind winner ;

3, Hon. P. Aitken (E.R.A.), 28s. behind winner. Veteran Car Race A Two Laps of a Special Circuit-2.6 miles

1, E. A. Marshall (1,901 c.c. Arid Tricycle) won at 22.79 m.p.h. by 8.4s., lni. 308. start ; 2, E. PilmoreBedford (1,900 c.c. New Orleans), 3m. 54$. start ; 3, W. Browning (1,900 c.c. New Orleans), 4m. 16s. start, 46.4s. behind winner. Veteran Car Race B 2.6 miles

1, S. Mapplethorpe (1,903 c.c. Achilles De Dion), 3m. 37s. start, won at 18.62 m.p.h. by 3s. ; 2, Capt. K. Rolfe (1,903 c.c. De Dion Banton), 3m. 478. start ; 3, 0. F. Bennett (1,903 c.c. Cadillac), 2m. 51s. start, Us. behind winner. First August Mountain Race (5 Laps of the Mountain Circuit-6 miles)

1, Miss Dorothy Stanley-Turner (747 c.c. 54s. start, ‘won at 66.23 m.p.h. by 14.88.; 2., Hon. P. Aitken (2.9 Alfa-Aitken), 5s. start ; 3, H. L. Brooke (1,490 c.c. Brooke-Special), 10s. start, 18.4s. behind winner. Second August Mountain Handicap (5 Laps of the Mountain Circuit)

1, I. 11. Niekols (1,100 c.c. M.G.), 31s. start, won at 70.91 m.p.h. by 0.8.s. •, 2, P. N. Whitehead (E.R.A.), 4s. start ; 3, Hon. P. Aitken (E.R.A.), 4s. start, 1.60. behind winner. Third August Mountain Handicap (5 Laps of the Mountain Circuit)

1, W. E. Cotton (E.R.A.), 4s. start, won at 77.15 m.p.h. by 0.2s. ; 2, P. W. Maclure (1,488 c.c. Riley., S.) 4s. start ; 3, It. Cutler (1,496 c.c. Frarkr-Nash, Ws), 54s. start, 3.4s. behind winner. Outer Circuit Handicap a half Laps-9 miles)

(4.5 Lagonda V12), 37s. start, . by 3.8s. ; 2, Lord Selsdon (4.5 start ; 3, G. L. Baker (5.8 25s. start, 7.8s. behind winner. Second August Outer Circuit Handicap (3i-Laps–9 miles)

1, P. W. Maclure (1,498 c.c. Riley. S.), Us. start, won at 122.71 m.p.h. by 2.6s. ; 2, It. L. Duller (43 Duesenberg), 13s. start; 3, St. John Horsfall (E.R.A.), 23e. start, 4$. behind winner. Third August Older Circuit Handicap (3+ Laps-9miles)

1, G. L. Baker (5.3 Graham-Paige), 42s. start, won at 99,46 m.p.h. by 0.2s. ; 2, B. Burton (2.9 Talbot), 42s. start: 3, R. C. K. Money (1,100 c.c. M.G.), 1 in. 18s. start. 1.2s. behind winner.

First August (Three and 1, C. Brackenbury won at 118.45 m.p.h Lagonda V12), 37s. Graham-Paige), 1 in.