Next owner to race the car




In your ” Rumblings ” paragraph headed ” Sunbeams ” (July issue) you mention. the 1924 blown 2-litre as driven bY segrave to win the only British victory hi the French G.P. Actually, of course. the 1923 machine was an usbiaten car.

The car to which Jack Barbour has so neatly fitted a 2.6 M.G. unit was that driven by the late Trevor MeCt’ dla, in Irish events 1934/35. This machine is the one that killed I). Resta during record attempts, at Brook lands in 1925. Afterwards rebuilt., Miss May Cunlifie had a run of successes at Southport and elsewhere driving this same 1924 2-litre. Jnsek Dunfee bought the Sunbeam in 1929, and took world’s and class records

‘with it. The car broke the rear-axle, mice during a ” 500″ at Brooklands, and again on the line in the 1931 French G.P.

Next owner to race the car was T. MeCalta, who won one or more Irish road races, and was placed in others.

Can any reader confirm which, if any, of Bout’s two Sunbeams was burnt-out at Brooklands, around 1931-32?

By the way, W. K. Johnson is from Canada and is, I think, in the R.A.F., not the Army. Thanking the Editor for his great and successful efforts to keep MOTOR SPORT going, I am, Yours etc.,

IIAROLD PRATLEY. S. Woodford, E.18. [Our ” 1923-1924 ” error arose through insufficient deletion of an unwanted sentence.—Ed.]