1950 German Grand Prix race report




A crowd of 400,000 people came to watch the racing at Nurburgring on Sunday, August 2nd.

The first race started at 10am and was for sports cars of 1,100, 1,500, 2,000cc, being started at intervals, the 1,100 going off first, followed by the 1,500 and last of all 2,000cc.

Cars had to complete nine laps, a distance of approximately 130 mile, and the result was a victory for the Veritas and BMW cars in the 2-litre class, Simca-Gordini in the 1,500 class and Simcas in the 1,100 class.

This was followed by the 500cc and we saw some very quick motoring by the new twin-cylinder ‘Monopoletta’ a very workman-like job indeed, the engine being a flat twin, similar to the BMW, but details of the machine are not to hand as I write, so I cannot give further gen.

During this race one driver was unfortunately killed, and another car, driven by an American also involved, was written off, one spectator being a fatality in the collision.

Two Cooper ‘500s’, sounding very much ‘like Coopers’ came second and third behind ‘Monopoletta’.

The 13th

raeillg :it S11114:0.. Allele, ‘2.01 C. The 111.4 rave started al III ill,, and wa, 1.4 ‘Pal, cam of 1,1110, ‘,tall) and 2,00u ex., being stoi.,1 ml intervals, the 1,100, going or first, follo,%et.1 by the 1,50us and last of :di the 2,1t1)11 C c.s. Cars boil to complete nine laps. a lliStall(14. of tipproxituately 1:10 miles, ‘nut he resat( Was it victory

for ‘eritas and 11,51.W. ears in the L’All elaSa, Sinica-Coritini in tlw 1,5oo id:1m and :3111,30, In tIt’d 1,100 darts. TIlia Was 10110%1M-I by the cal11-C.e. reel., 1111 cars tti) to 5110 e.e. and we saw sOnnt VerY 11111ek motor ing by the neW ” Nionottoletta,

very ivorkinatelike Job 1114,441. engine being a Hat t%viii, similar to flie It.31.W., but det:tils id this maclane are not to hand as 1 write, so 1 Ill/11114 giV11 further gen. Intring this rm:e, IlriVf-r 111115, 1111fOrtIllialvly, killed. Mal another var, driven by att 14.151 involvett was icritteo or. one $re,tain. holm a fatality in 11/,

‘1:AV1) (..001Cr ‘ 5001.,.” P■0111111illg very 11111H1 ” like ‘00111.1,3,’ Cann, SeC0i111 111111 third behind the ” )1oriotmletta.” ‘rhe 1:titi cromer von Deaseillittal :darted at 2.30 being for P’irrilltila It nag. J11111 NYUS

over In lays, It di,itanve of approximately 2:(i) miles. ‘I’llirty•seven cars canw to Ow starting grid, 10111 as the 1153 mlr, p14111 Ascari, driving a Ferrari, leams1 into tin, lead, followed by team mate Seralltll. also on a Ferrari, 11111 Nlititzoti, driving a Sitneadlorditti. W:1NIii See01111 little Olen tile ears 1711111. 11110 Ille eorner at ()tibidellmelt Seralini tlar,1 iltul Simon fourth. follotced Itreillier, both on

Sintea.tlordinis. thins Stuck, driving eight.-cylintler A.F.M., was in sixth phice. lint by the secontl lap. he ltad

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