GOODWOOD-J.M."Motor Sport"

GOODWOOD—J. M. Hawthorn Wins the "Motor Sport" Brooklands Memorial Trophy by One Point !

MICIIA EL HAWTHORN won hy one poilit, alter a close race at Good wood on August 18th, the MOTOR Seol:T Ilro(r141:1,ndS Memorial Troi thy and £50 pris(, held last year by Jun Mayers. When the meeting opened both Hawthorn (11-litre T.T. Riley) and Tony Crook (2-li) re " Le Mans " Fraser-Nash) had 13 points each.

In the tirsi 5-hip seratch race Hawthorn led througliont, hipping (it 79.3 m.p.h., to win at 76.59 m.p.h., 16 sec. ahead of Downing's " out law " 1,485-c.c. Connaught, with Mayers' Lester-M.G. third, one plug electrode bent over. This gave Hawthorn 17 points. Wills' Jupiter hardly seemed to be moving in comparison !

Crook then just won the next: Mee, by 0.4 see., at 78.34 m.p.h., after Mitchell's "Le Mans" Fraser-Nash had led lap one, and Peacock's sister car had lapped at 81.3 m.p.h. to pass him into second place. Rolt's DI3II was no match for the smaller Frazer-Nashes. Score : Hawthorn and Crook 17 points each.

Allard's Cadillac-Allard won the over 3-litre scratch race by 21.8 see. at 81.38 M.p.h., lapping at 83.5 m.p.h., from Fotheringleim-Parker, very quick in a green XE120, and Chevell's slightlyunitious " 4.8" Alvis. The Bentley I landicap Saw Bailey's 1923 3-litre lead i1I the Way, to win at 65.41 m.p.h., although Wilmhurst's famous ' 41," unplaced, lapped fastest,

at 75.9 m.p.h. Foreman's 1923 3-litre workeil tm to second !dam, 12 sec. behind the winner, Mason's 1930 " 41 " third. Crozier's 8-litre whale retired. The 5-lap handicaps followed. In the first. Merritt's 1,271-c.c. M.G. finished 25.4 see. ahead of Fotheringham-Parker's well-driven NK120, which had given it 75 see, start and had lapped at 84.54

Harewood's " limit " " PII " M.G. was third. Mackay's Cooper-Rover succumbed early with transmission maladies. The winner averaged 71.4 m p.h. Next, Nigel Mann's delightful "2.6 " Alfa-Romeo motored to real purpose, winning by 11 see. from Symondson's "" 3.3 " Bugatti, which had commenced from the same mark. The Alfa averaged 77.61 m.p.h. Chevell's big Alvis WaS again third. Allard, on scratch, went really fast, lapping at 84.56 m.p.h., but he needed another round to better his fifth place, behind Wood's NE1.20. Hamilton's old " 4 " Invicta went magnificently, until reminded that it, is a high-chassis model by a bit of involuntary ploughing,

Nicholson's blown 847-c.c. M.G., from " 20 sec.," won the seventh race at 69.27 m.p.h., a mere 0.4 see. ahead of R. R. C. Palmer's venerable "chaingang " Frazer-Nash, which had had 5 see. advantage at flag fall. Ifarewood's M.G. Was third. The winner lapped fastest--at 70.65 m.p.h. Very neat was the R.W.G. with, apparently, a very special Ford Ten engine of 1,088 e.e. The -eighth race Saav Lewis' red " 2.6 "

Alfa-Romeo clinch Milanese honours, by winning from the " 30 see. " mark, at 77.5 m.p.h. lie was a comfortable 21.8 see. ahead of Duncan Hantilton's serateli NE.120 at the finish, although !bloom lapped at 81.36 m.p.h. Rolt drove another tine race in Rob Walker's DB II to finish third, -ahead of Bremner's " 2.3 " AlfaRomeo.

The last race of the day would decide the Brooklands Trophy positions and was so exciting that Downing was almost overlooked as he pressed on in the blue Connaught from a generous 93 sec. start, to win at. 75.26 m.p.h. by the comfortable margin of 24.8 see. from a determined Duncan Hamill on (XIC120). Not many saw Jim Mayers net third place in his Lester-M.G., for all eyes were on Hawthorn and Crook. Hawthorn had 17 sec. start, Crook was on -scratch, with Peacock and Craig, in sister 'Nashes, between him and his Trophy rival. Hawthorn got off carefully, then motor-raced all he knew how, staying ahead of the flying red Fraser-Nash, with its chromium wheels. On the last lap Crook had materially closed the gap, lapping at 83.1 m.p.h., and the stark blue Riley wept very wide at the notorious Woodcote Corner. But on the run-up to the finish Hawthorn kept ahead, winning a fair and exciting duel by a safe margin. He thus takes the Brooklands Trophy for 1951 and /50 cash prise.

The next " Goodwood " is the International Meeting, on September 29th.