” Moron evete Esc:Isis,” ttte staff of ” Motor Cycle.” Wilk and Sons, lid., (I.1 tlei.)

Front tune to dine there have featured in the Motor Guth detailed descriptions of various modern mntor-ryele engines Completed with first-01W exploded drawings of the engine in question. Mee have published :15 of these reviews In hook innn and an excellent coitection of data is comprised therein. There is something for everyone, from is descriptionof the A.J.S. 500-c.c. ” Porcupine ” twin to the Scott Cyit-Auto Unit, and If you are interested in what goes on inside an engine or constmetional details this inexpensive volume gives you lust what you require. It is a pity that of all the engines described the most. outstanding of the present day, the ” double-knocker ” Norton -499-e.C., is not included, but apart from this the racing man is well eatered tor.—J). S. J.