Wiscombe Park (August 12th)

Major Richard Chichester once again allowed the 1,000-yard drive of Wiscombe Park to be used by the West of England, Taunton, and Plymouth M.C.s for their annual Three Clubs’ Meeting. Few top-line drivers were available, having expended most of their efforts at Great Auclum, although David Good and Wally Cuff ventured to make the journey with their Cooper-J.A.P.s, the latter being rewarded with fastest time of day at 46.51 sec., which compares very favourably with Tony Marsh’s outright record of 45.49 sec., set up with his Marsh-B.R.M. during the Championship event at the beginning of the year. Once again the West Country produced some fine vintage machinery, with Major Chichester driving an immaculate 1932 2.3 Alfa Romeo in the sports-car class, while a Meadows-engined Frazer Nash Chain-Gang of circa 1931 appeared in the hands of S. G. Curtis from Exeter. Major Charles Lambton with the 1936, 1.5 supercharged, Alta managed to improve on his own personal record for the hill, clocking 51.17 sec. An entry of nearly too cars justified the journey for those coming from London and the Home Counties, and the October 14th meeting (750 M.C.) should be listed as a must for all hill-climb enthusiasts.-E.W.