Where are the Ford V8s?


I wonder whether any of your readers can tell me why one never or hardly ever sees one of the beautiful and handsome Ford V8 coupés that were popular before the war. There are many pre-war cars of other types still running on the roads, but I have not seen one of these fine cars on the roads here since I sold mine for £25 in 1940.

Could it be that they have all been absorbed into stock-car racing, I wonder?

I had the Model 54, a coupé with the 22-h.p. engine made in 1935. This car gave wonderful and trouble-free service up to the war and would do 80 m.p.h. and 27 m.p.g. comfortably. She was well sprung and had good brakes and steering.

I would be most interested to hear of any survivors of the marque still running.

L.B. Summerhill.
[Perhaps we shall see some at Beaulieu on September 8th.—Ed.)