Three Specialist Beaulieu Rallies



On September 13th another American Car Rally will be held in the grounds of the Montagu Motor Museum, all types of pre-1942 American vehicles being eligible, to be judged to A.A.C.A. rules by a panel of competent judges. All entrants will receive a souvenir, it is hoped to present a cup for the best car present, and a cigarette-lighter will be awarded to the best Packard attending. The classes will be :

Class 1: Pioneer and brass-age cars, 1900-1916.

Class 2: Vintage Americans, except Ford, 1917-1930.

Class 3: Model-T Fords, 1909-1927.

Class 4: Model A, B and V8 Fords, except Dagenham-built cars, 1928-1941.

Class 5: Specified American “Classics,” 1931-1941.

Class 6: Production American cars, not in other classes, 1931-1945.

Class 7: Anglo-American hybrids, 1931-1941. (Curiously, the Allard is not specified in a list of eligible makes.)

Class 8: American commercial vehicles, 1900-1941.

Class 9: American motorcycles, 1900-1941.

Clearly an excellent entry is likely to enliven Beaulieu on this Sunday.

Another specialist Beaulieu Rally will be the “Lost Causes” Rally on September 20th, open to all defunct makes of car, right down to the present day. And on September 27th the M.G. C.C. will rally to the Montagu Motor Museum.