V.-E.-V. odds and ends

The Wolseley Register holds its first rally and A.G.M. at Hockley, Essex on Sept. 11th—O/S Ref. map 162-850934—at 2 p.m. All Wolseleys built prior to 1941 are eligible for Concours d’Elegance and tests; visitors welcome and may compete. Entry fee 2/6d. Details from B. Blackwell, 50, Broadclyst Gdns., Thorpe Bay, Essex. A 6-cylinder Rochet-Schneider platform lorry, probably of the mid-1930s, has been abandoned in the foothills of the Pyrenees not far from Perpignan. Two Fowler traction engines demonstrated ploughing at the Suffolk Royal Show. The Rapier Register continues to publish its duplicated Rapier Register News monthly and has brought its list of known cars up to date. The Secretary is J. F. Organ, “Onaway,” Chalford Hill, Stroud, Glos. and he would be glad of any news of these twin-cam 1100s. A 1934/35 o.h.c. Singer Big Six has been found in an old bakery in Suffolk by.someone who would appreciate data to assist with its possible restoration. Richard Horsburgh’s 1933 Austin 7 two-seater completed a journey overland from London to Tasmania in six months, with Allan Card as to-driver. In this 16,200-mile journey the only anxieties were a bent con.-rod in Turkey, and a broken half-shaft in Thailand (see “Tailpiece” picture) after breaking seven half-shaft keys. Clive Ball’s 1929 Austin 7 has safely reached Australia from England. D. B. Tubb’s 1906 7.6-litre 40/60 Gobron-Brillie has had Scotchlite white reflective sheeting stuck to its dumb-irons, etc., to render it more easily visible to road users who might not see it coming! A 1935 Morris 10/4 described as in basically good condition will be given free to anyone who will restore it. It is in Devon and must go by November 1st. Its Reverend owner typed his letter on a 1913 Oliver, mows with a 1922 Atco and an 1886 Singer sewing machine is used in his household, incidentally. Information is sought by a reader in Bucks about a two-stroke Gutbrod Superior. Letters can be forwarded.

A wooden aeroplane propeller has been displayed on a village grocer’s shop in a village on the Cambridgeshire/Norfolk border since 1917. Pottering about Berkshire the other day we came upon a very clean Burrell steam-roller towing a caravan. The Fiat Register Bulletin summer edition contains a report of the annual visit to Italy, out of which arises the interesting point that “Balill ” was the name of a boy who lived in Genoa in the Middle Ages and whose bravery saved the town from the invading French—so Fiat presumably adopted this type-name for a model they expected to repell sales of contemporary Peugeot and Mathis models. . . . That inexpensive cars can still serve well was emphasised by a Riley Lynx which handsomely won the cup for the competitor travelling the longest distance in the Cornwall V.V.S. Falmouth rally by travelling 570 miles from Lanarkshire— it had been bought from a Scottish breaker, for 12s. 6d.

Vauxhall Motors Ltd. are again acting as hosts to the 30/98 Register at Luton on September 25th, when members will be invited to display vintage and earlier Vauxhalls, including vintage 20/60s. Non-vintage models will not be eligible. Details from G. W. Samson, Etching Hill House, Etching Hill, Rugeley, Staffs. The latest count shows two 1919, eight 1920, eleven 1921, six 1922, thirteen 1923, thirty-nine 1924 (inclusive of a Super E-type), thirty 1925 (including one inexplicably late E-type), and seventeen 1926/7 cars on the Register, as well as nine undated, so the greatest of Britain’s vintage sporting motor cars is still well represented throughout the World.

The Austin Ten Drivers’ Club Newsletter for July contained a very detailed report of their First National Rally at Beaulieu, at which something like 65 of these never-say-die Birmingham products were present, including 2-seaters, cabriolets, tourers and vans, as well as 32 saloons of Lichfield, Cambridge, Sherbourne, Gordon Pixie and standard type. A Continental tour is visualised and the Secretary is A. Milliner, 1, Walton Avenue, New Malden, Surrey. Wing Comdr. Craddock is building a replica single-seater G.N. into which to install his 1921-type o.h.c. Akela racing engine. Whose was the presentable 2-litre Lagonda which figured recently in an advtertisement in one of the women’s weeklies? The new Secretary of the S.T.D. Register is K. Fidgen, 106b, Lexharn Gardens, London, W.8. Brooklands Track is in the news a lot these days—it formed a colour feature of the August issue of the Ford Times.