Fair Comment

The Letters from Readers section has already gone to press, but I do not apologise for printing this letter out of section as it so perfectly expresses my personal point of view, and brings the correspondence on this subject to an end.—W. J. Tee—Managing Director.


Jackie Stewart’s letter in your last issue displays a certain arrogance in his handling of Denis Jenkinsons’ views which after all are those of the foremost English speaking race reporter.

The general tone of the letter suggests “I’m a Grand Prix driver and more involved, therefore I love the sport more. I’m also a World Champion and so on both counts D. S. J.’s opinions are outranked”.

The “fence-sitter” remark was, of course, as ill judged as it was inaccurate. Does one have to explain to Jackie Stewart that Mr. Jenkinson has loved and competed in motoring sport of many kinds for a very long time—long before Jackie’s elder brother was first heard of. By his journalisrn he works for the shape of motoring sport which he senses is good for it. He does not have the power of influence that a World Champion has but such influence, when held, should be used with maturity. What many of us feel is that it is being used unreasonably and to a certain extent selfishly.

Hayes. Kent. S. O. M. Austin.