Citroen GS 1220 Club



Sir, Having read various reports in the motoring magazines and newspapers about my model of car, I thought I must write and report my experiences, which I gladly do.

I have had the car since new in January this year and to date it has travelled troublefree 11,856 miles. It is a thorough delight to drive with its magnificent brakes, steering and excellent ride/roadholding. The oil consumption is 1 pint between services: on holiday in Spain it did (in a temperature of 90`F some days) 3,200 miles in six days on 1½ pints. It will do 100 m.p.h. without too much effort, but best of all is the fuel consumption; on a recent Sunday I drove to Bournemouth and back via London Airport, total mileage 358 miles, on nine gallons!

I did not subscribe to your excellent magazine when you did a road test on the GS, if you did one at all, so do not know what you said, but some motoring papers did not seem to like it too much. I think it is far and away the best value in this country.


P.S. Lowe