Another Reliable TR6



Sir, Like Mr. Kimber in your August edition, I also purchased a TR6 from the TR Centre. At the time it was eighteen months old and had done 21,000 miles. Last month it passed its first MoT with 35,000 on the clock. During this time it has consistently failed to go wrong!

I have changed the oil at 3,000-mile intervals and all the filters at 12,000 (i.e., 33,000 on the clock). The only spares I have purchased consisted of a rear suspension bump stop (30p + VAT) and an exhaust strap (2p — preVAT).

The fuel injection has always worked perfectly except once when an injector became blocked and I had to blow it out with a blast of air from a foot pump.

I feel that this sort of reliability not only reflects credit on Triumph, but also on the TR Centre in their selection of second-hand cars for sale, and their pre-sales preparation.

Redbridge, Ilford.

D. G Maddison

[This correspondence is, now closed. Our Tuning Editor assures me he will write the final word on the TR6 subject when he has completed a few thousand more miles in his sadly unreliable example.—Ed.]