Remembering Mantovano - Volante



Sir, Although always a great admirer of MOTOR SPORT, I fondly believed as I collected last month’s shiny new copy that this admiration would inevitably be mingled with self-congratulation. That the motor magazine I favour above all others would naturally confirm my good taste by printing an article “In Memoriam” of Tazio Nuvolari who died at Gardone Riviera, Italy, August 11th, 1953; 20 years ago.

Imagine then my astonishment and consequent profound dismay when careful scrutiny yielded not a single mention of motor racing’s most unforgettable (sic) exponent. Not one line of acknowledgement or tribute to the man who above all others, by almost supernatural skill, bravery and breathtaking elan, transmuted the science of our sport to sheer art.

It is absolutely certain that unless some suitable redress is made for this unaccountable lapse, countless subscribers to our magazine throughout the World, those to whom the merest mention of “II Mantovano Volante” is sufficient to produce a lump in the throat, can never again view it with the same degree of respect and devotion.

I await September’s issue with interest.


John T. Truslove

[MOTOR SPORT published an obituary in its September 1953 edition and a biography in the October 1953 edition. – Ed.]