Pathetic regulations


I sometimes wonder if the world’s top class of motor racing is really worthy to carry the world championship. Not long ago, I managed to lay my hands on a copy of the l’IA yearbook. To say I was shocked would be putting it mildly: the endless pages of rules of design and construction of both cars and circuits, especially in Formula One, are mostly totally needless and academic, and, for the most part, utterly beyond comprehension. How anybody can put up with such an excuse of a “rule book”, or even read it without suffering a mental breakdown, is beyond me. Really, the current rules should be much, much simpler and wider, perhaps even allowing cars such as the Group 6 sportscars to compete in World Championship Events, after the sad demise of their own Formula.

The regulations concerning circuits are even more pathetic. While I can quite see why safety standards should be imposed, there is really no need for such extremes as those stated in the FIA yearbook. While run off areas and barriers should be provided, there is no need for reams of debris nets, catch fencing and pathetic, near flush curbs. The CSI seem to think that by making a slow, dull, undemanding circuit, they make a safe circuit, but this is not so. The stupidest thing of all, however, is “chicane fever”. Monza has been ruined that way. Anyone wanting to design a good circuit should go to Donington Park. It is excellent -although spectators should really be allowed inside the circuit. I can’t wait for the British Grand Prix to be held there, but when will that be?

Shrewsbury P. M. MESSENGER