Veteran to classic

A7s at Attingham Park

One-make rallies are legion these days, and not all are for large motorcars. The “Severn Sevens” Group of the A7CA had an entry of 43 A7s for its annual Attingham Park Rally near Shrewsbury on June 14, supported by other makes. We counted eight Rubys, five “top-hat” saloons, and M Dorsett’s immaculate “Grasshopper”.

Oldest A7 was Bamford’s 1924 Chummy and examples of most other most other models were present, including specials such as a long-wheelbase home-made car with wooden dash, and Moreton’s highly-polished 1929 two-seater with bulbous tail. Mitchell’s 1931 saloon and Davies’ 1933 saloon were in showroom condition, as was Francis’ 1934 tourer, and President Stanley Edge was there to present the prizes. One noted, too, Tedham’s 1933 tourer which does 5000 miles a year, and the big Pyrene fire-extinguisher beneath the bonnet of Dr Sharp’s 1934 saloon. The only Ulster present was the Editorial one, and that is a replica; nevertheless, it notched up another 138 miles that day.

Other makes represented ranged from a blue 12/40 Alvis tourer, a very smart Model A Ford Tudor saloon, an immaculate two-tone Crossley Ten saloon, an equally smart Light 12/4 Austin saloon, a BSA saloon, a PA MG and a well-used but noticeably quiet early Austin 12/4 tourer, down to a “classic” 1972 Vauxhall Viva. WB

. . . and A7s at Beaulieu

The 750 Austin 7s which were hoped for did not quite materialise at the twenty fifth National A7 Rally at Beaulieu. But there were 393 entries, and with the late addition of about 60 more the previous best of some 300 was handsomely beaten.

The Sevens ranged from two 1923 Chummies to many Ruby saloons and Big Sevens up to 1939. The mass of Chummies was overwhelming, and enthusiasm prevailed to the extent that Ray and Mary Walker bought back the 1927 version they used at the first of these rallies (organised for the 750 MC by Michael Ware in 1962) to be present once again. Among the more unusual A7s was a milk-float, and there were vans and even A7 tractors! The prizes were presented by 1920s A7 racing driver George Caldicutt WB.