Praise Beeb!




I feel that I have to write to you in defence of the BBC’s coverage of motor sport.

The BBC didn’t cover Le Mans because satellite TV got an exclusive deal. I can receive two of the satellite TV channels and l can tell you that the coverage was awful; the wooden commentary has to heard to be believed, and the cameras seem to be perfectly positioned to miss everything.

I look forward to watching the British Grand Prix each year because I know that I can expect to see all of the best bits of the action (cameras are always in the right position) and not just the national hero going round and round on his own. Maybe the BBC should offer lessons to the directors in the other countries in which races are run.

The coverage by the BBC of the British Saloon Car Championship is, in the words of one of the commentators, “fan-tas-tic” (sorry Murray). The views from the multiple on-board cameras are brilliant and the overall coverage is second to none.

Please, gentlemen, let’s not knock the best motor racing coverage in the world. If you’ve not seen satellite television motor sport coverage then you really ought to watch it just to see how good the BBC really is.

Keith Read

Wellingborough, Northants