Christie's International Historic Festival 28/29th July 1990


The team at Silverstone Circuits Limited finds itself, again, in the enormously pleasing position of writing a thank you letter to all its supporters at the above meeting.

The first Christie's International Historic Festival, was, without doubt, an unmitigated success. It followed only two weeks after one of Silverstone's best British Grand Prix meetings and the amount of work and support put into the Festival by staff, marshals, spectators, media and competitors alike deserves special mention.

That said, this meeting was much more than just a motor racing event, it was a celebration of all things motoring, both past and present. The quality of the displays and demonstrations was breathtaking so thanks must also be given to the club coordinators who organized their members to bring their treasured cars, steam vehicles, airplanes and many other sights to the circuit.

Silverstone intends that this meeting will be even more spectacular next year and we hope that we can rely, as always, upon the devoted help, often given for nothing, of our supporters.

Thank you all.

Hamish Brown

Managing Director, Silverstone Circuits Ltd.