Silverstone Surprise


It was in the May issue that you published my letter under the heading 'Phoenix Blues'. This letter is about the British Grand Prix.

Each year, for the past ten, a group of friends have hoteled or camped for our visit to the Grand Prix. It was with great disappointment to most when Silverstone was awarded the five year contract, since viewing was not as good as at Brands. However, each year Silverstone has worked hard to improve its image.

This year we camped for three days at Silverstone and throughout that time the campsite toilets were kept clean — a notable first. Also there was hot water and lighting in the toilets, both most welcome.

However, race day proved to be the biggest surprise to me. When we arrived at our seats in the South Stand one of the seats did not have the canvas seat in place. We naturally pointed this out to one of the staff and expected little to be done, except for platitudes and apologies. We were offered a replacement seat which would have meant one of our party sitting alone but which we expected would be the end of it. About half an hour later, though, a workman arrived and stripped the seats and replaced the damaged panel. I am amazed that this should have happened on race day, but it is this type of customer service that is winning Silverstone its high reputation.

EIJ Walsh

Loughborough, Leics.