Passing Comment


I have been an avid spectator of motor racing for some 16 years and never, until now, could I accuse the sport of being processional, verging on boring! We heard on the television that cars couldn’t pass each other at the British Grand Prix at Silverstone, where they appeared spread apart with no close racing at all, and this on a relatively wide circuit like Silverstone. Yet when they used to race at Brands Hatch we always saw some spectacularly close racing. When the European Grand Prix came to Donington Park in 1993 it was the most exciting race for years, with some fantastic passing which, incidentally, the commentators said couldn’t happen on such a twisting circuit! Could it be that passing is made more possible on these types of circuits because the speeds are not so great?

Isn’t it time the British Grand Prix went back to Donington or Brands Hatch where closer and more exciting racing would certainly make for a more interesting race? It would be interesting to hear your comments and those of other readers.

George Morris, Coventry.