Inside line -- Janine Payne


 On life in TGP and Group C

What’s your background?

I was a champion body builder and I won a world title in Germany. I’m a personal fitness trainer as well. I’ve been with my partner Richard Eyre for eight years. That’s how I got introduced to racing.

How did you start racing?

The first racing car I ever drove was Richard’s Williams FW08C, when he was testing at Paul Ricard. I started racing in a Chevron B8, but we then decided to buy a modern car for me to get some experience. A whole Monoposto car was about the same price as the corner of a B8. Then I did a few years in ARP F3.

When did you move into historics?

This season, in TGP and Group C. I finished fifth in my first TGP race at Hockenheim. Then at Lausitzring I finished third. I passed Steve Hartley round the outside two laps from the end — those were the most nerve-wracking two laps ever. When I got out I couldn’t take my helmet off, my hands were shaking so much. It was great to be on the podium.

What about the Group C Porsche?

I had my first run ever in the Porsche at Silverstone. I went from 21st up to 10th before I had a spin. I thoroughly enjoyed it, but it is totally different to driving the F1 car. But hopefully for the next races the second Jaguar will be ready and I’ll race that.

What next?

That depends on Richard and the budget. I’d like to carry on doing TGP. Maybe next year, if Richard is more into doing Group C, then we’ll do more of that.