Rotovic revival

If you have visited the Donington Collection you will have marvelled at the sheer barminess of the Rotorvic engine – six vee-twin Ariel motorbike engines nailed together to make an air-cooled 1.5-litre V12. Few people heard its raucous wail when it raced in the back of a Lotus 23 in 1964/65, but soon you might get the chance.

Jeremy Deeley bought a Lotus 23 from the States, realised it was the Rotorvic car, and persuaded Donington to release the engine. He plans to re-install the motor and race the beast. Meanwhile he needs more information, and pictures, about the car, its early racing, and its driver Bill Hill. If you can help with information on the Rotorvic please contact Jeremy on jjdeeley@