Ford GT4O & The New Ford GT 

Al Axelrod/Brian Winer/Wallace Wyss

The first page we read – purely at random – featured a sidebar in which one Andrew Frankel’s assertion that the first-generation GT40 was British is rubbished. The last time we checked, GT40 was designed by Eric Broadley and built in Slough… 

Still, this 224-page hardback relates the (American) gospel behind this racing icon and does so succinctly. Yet the bulk of the book concerns the recent retro Ford GT. The authors should be congratulated on roping in a number of insiders to provide their reminiscences and we enjoyed the images of the rejected concepts. 

That said, the design is dated and there are more than a few errors – not least those on the dust jacket. Decent value, though. RH

Published by Winer-Wyss Publishing, ISBN 0-9763242-0-2, £30.53