Classic Marathon celebrates 20th anniversary milestone

When the 2008 CES Classic Marathon started in Ypres in June it marked 20 years since the first edition of the ground-breaking event. Created by Philip Young, the 1988 Pirelli Marathon, as it was, effectively started a new sport of classic rallying. The anniversary event brought out eight veterans of ’88, with Mike and Gina Barker and Richard Prosser driving their original cars. Philip Young attended a celebratory dinner in Ypres, along with Deputy Editor GC, who competed in the first two Marathons.

Now organised by original Chief Marshal Jeremy Dickson, the event took in the famous Gavia, Stelvio and Tre Cime Alpine passes, and echoed the original by finishing in Cortina, Italy. Malcolm Pickering and Iain Tullie won in their Sunbeam Alpine, while five crews achieved sought-after Alpine Cups.