We Wouldn't Have Missed It...

The Festival of Speed provides enough standout moments to suit every taste. These were Rob Widdows’ favourite bits

GORGEOUS COLLECTION OF RED Alfa Romeos in the Cathedral paddock, from Alfeita to that wonderful V8-engined Tipo 33 Targa Florio winner. Red racing Alfas, just ooze history and passion. Thanks Doug Nye, for guiding me round them.

LOTUS 25 ON THE HILL. NEVER FAILS to stir so many great memories, and I will always savour watching Jim Clark racing this car. Such a neat, compact and fldy racing car. A great year for Lotus, thanks to Clive Chapman.

WATCHING THE PARNELLI JONES crew trying to start the Johnny Lightning Special Indycar, spraying fuel into the big Ford motor to coax it into action. And then the noise of the V8 as it coughed, then barked into life. Even better without earplugs.

JUMPING JACK FLASH, IT’S A GAS, OR Goodwood Active Sports. Guys doing tricks on pedal bikes and motorcycles. Never seen a motorcycle fly so high. Robbie Maddison is clearly mad.

SITTING ON THE CARTIER LAWN, mesmerised by so many beautiful cars. Had I been a judge. I would have picked a lovely 1935 Auburn 851 Speedster. Great car for sunny weekends out in the countryside.

VULCAN ON HEAT. WHEN THE Vulcan bomber climbs, the engines crackling into re-heat, you can only stand stock still and stare. And three shows by the Red Arrows: visual and aural happiness.