Autocourse e-book editions 1975-76 & 1976-77

If you are one of those who collect old copies of Autocourse, your search has got easier – and cheaper. The revered annual collation of Grand Prix facts, photos and opinions can be hard to find once you go back a few decades, but the publishers have come to your rescue with a digital disc version. So far editions from the 1970s have been immortalised in digibytes, but others will appear in due course. Running on PC or Mac, each displays every page of that year’s book, and can be searched for your favourite driver, though you have to search again each time you look at one of the proffered results.

With reports on every GP, full stats and reviews of sports cars, US racing and minor formulae, Autocourse has always been a useful season round-up, but discs are much easier to store. And if you’re really short of space, in time all volumes will be available online, too. GC

Published by Icon Publishing Ltd.,, £19.99 each